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Holistic Healing Treatments from the Comfort of your Home

Treatment Programs + Home Practice Plans 

Our transformational online treatments & programs take place as distance healing treatments from the comfort of your own home. All treatment programs include daily meditative energy healing experiences that you can stream or download. Our unique combination of custom treatment programs + home practice plans is our formula for transcendent health. Weaving together energy healing, breathwork, hypnosis, spiritual healing and sound healing, every treatment is a multidimensional experience designed to bring healing for body, mind and spirit. 


Experienced Licensed Holistic Health Practitioners

Our passionate & experienced holistic health professionals have certification in their field, and participate in regular continuing education.

Contact your practitioner any time you have a question or need support via a dedicated email address. If you need more support in between your treatments, our practitioners are here for you with 15-minute treatment check-in video calls.


Access to Digital Treatment Resources

All of our clients recieve access to a Client Dashboard. Here you will find a checklist to prepare for your healing treatment and a resource portal that will help you to create a sacred space in your home for the treatment to take place.

We have been delivering distance healing treatments since 2011 and the #1 lesson we have learned is that to have the best experience, you must prepare your body, mind and your space for the healing. We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you both prepare for your treatment, and integrate the energy of the healing after the treatment.


Treatments take place on any mobile device!

When you enter into a treatment program, you receive a private & confidential online dashboard where you can access resources to prepare for your treatment and contact your practitioner any time you have a question or need support.

All treatments are recorded on high-quality MP3s. You have access to this recording in your Client Dashboard eternally to download or stream.


Transcendent Health

Imagine your body at it’s strongest and healthiest.

Imagine a clear, focused, decisive and energized mind.

These qualities lay the foundation for transcendent health. Transcendent health is your highest state of health. This is different for each and every person, but the same process brings us there. 

Our treatments help you to rise up out of your physical body and free your conscious mind during the healing process. In this field of awareness, transcendent health is activated.

Transcendent Health is a lifelong practice that we are committed to. Read more about it here.


Multidimensional Healing

Our treatments are unique because we open to multidimensional frequencies of healing light. We honor the spiritual experience with the same attention we give to your physical, mental & emotional healing.

Our treatments are all simultaneously experiences with spirit and non-denominational. We connect to spirit through light and through our breath, and through creative visualization and hypnosis. 


Holistic Tele-Health

We are a new kind of clinic! We offer holistic treatments virtually with licensed practitioners!

Tele-health is a new form of healthcare that takes place via video conference and that utilizes other HIPPA compliment digital communication and data collection methods to support treatment.

Holistic tele-health is a brand new field and we are here for it!!! All of our treatments are available as virtual appointments that take place via Zoom Treatment Rooms. All you need is a computer or mobile device.

Your body is a holy temple, your mind is a vessel for enlightenment.

Commit to transcendent health and if you fall, get back up and recommit, there is nothing more precious.

Our Treatments

Our Holistic Health Treatments are designed to help you to step outside of your physical body and free your conscious mind during the healing process. In this field of awareness, transcendent healing is activated.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy begins with an understanding that the mind, body and spirit are all deeply connected energetically. Through creating changes or shifts in one area, all other areas are affected. Our Holistic Therapy process weaves together Transpersonal Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Energy Healing and Whole Foods Healing, Intuitive Development, Meditation, Ritual and Ceremony.

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a process by which you are able to gain access to your subconscious mind in a therapeutic setting for healing purposes. Holistic hypnotherapy is a non-denominational practice that not only recognizes the mind and body as interconnected – but the spirit as an essential component in any healing work. You are led into a state where your body and mind are relaxed and nearly asleep. Also awake will be those parts of your mind which we are working with to induce the changes desired.

DNA Activation & Attunement

DNA Activations & Attunements are designed to assist you in healing and strengthening your physical, mental and emotional bodies. They include a combination of energy healing, hypnosis, and guided creative visualization. Your DNA holds the patterns that your soul has traveled through time and space. It holds the genetic maps that direct all cellular response in your body. Activating your DNA strands is an energetic therapeutic process that brings deep healing, it repairs damaged cells and awakens dormant cells. 

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Your chakras are the centers of energetic health in your body. Our transformational chakra clearing and balancing treatments bring healing to your mind, body and soul. Clearing your energy field, our treatments help you to find strength in your center of strength through activating your cells with light. This energy healing process is facilitated through hypnosis, visualization, and breathwork.

USUI Reiki Healing Treatment

USUI Reiki is an energy healing practice for enhanced health and well-being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It develops mental clarity, expands consciousness & creates inner peace.

Reiki is the Japanese phrase for “universal life energy,” or in Hawayo Takata’s words, “God-power.” Reiki – universal life energy – is channeled through the practitioner’s hands.

Integrated Energy Therapy ®

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is a transformative energy healing process guided by Archangels that draws upon principles of cellular energetic shifting and release. An Integrated Energy Therapy® treatment channels life-force energy through your body to balance your chakras, cleanse your aura and clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks.

Health Begins Within…

Flexible appointments and confidential care.

I felt an immense sense of love and healing. I felt Archangel Michael with me. I felt so happy and like things were changing deeply & in an unprecedented way.


Miami, Florida

One of the greatest powers you have,

is the power to heal yourself.

We spark and inspire your healing and create programs to support you! Our treatments are catalysts for cellular healing. Holistic healing is clinically shown to be the most effective when experienced within an extended treatment program. Our transformational programs & resources help you heal yourself. The right practices + daily repetition + time = the greatest transformation.

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